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When everybody fails, we can do it!

We are commited to provide innovative,
reliable and original solutions
targeting 100% client satisfaction.

About Us

Design Center KM211 is one of the leading IC design teams in Russia and is part of an international group of companies Kvazar Mikro. While developing own proprietary IP, we dedicated most of our efforts on providing Design Services for companies across the world. To be efficient in the present-day microelectronics bussiness you have to cooperate. Our major goal is to make our clients successful and wealthy.

With our tremendous experience in digital design we can provide exclusive solutions on the system level, power consumption optimization, efficient crypto-algorithms solutions and floating point calculations. We have accumulated a lof of experience in protection of on-chip data integrity as the team, that succesfully developed Russian biometrical passport chip.


  • 03.2014 New performance values ​​for KMX32 cores achieved.
  • 01.2014 Design center KM211 together with "Minerva" company develops a H.265 codec including Low-latency signal processing mode (Low Latency Profile).
  • 06.2010 SEMICON Russia 2010 conference participation
  • 05.2010 NDA with JSC MIKRON signed
  • 03.2010 "Designing with ARM" seminar attended