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Crypto and other IP


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IP Name Maturity


Crypto accelerators

Modular arithmetic coprocessor ECDSA-160/256/512 bit; RSA-1024/2048/3072/4096 bit Ready
AES 128/256 bit crypto accelerator In Silicon
DES/3DES crypto accelerator In Silicon
GOST 28147-89 256 bit, DES 64 bit crypto accelerator In Silicon


Math coprocessors and accelerators

16*16 bit Multiplyer - Accumulator In Silicon
32 bit Cyclic Redundancy Check with any generator polynomial Ready
Cyclic Redundancy Check (x16 + x12 + x5 +1) In Silicon


Smart cards and RFID

ISO 14443A interface In Silicon
ISO 7816 interface In Silicon
ISO 14443A/B interface In Design



Ethernet/MAC Interface In Silicon
1-Wire controller Ready
AC97 Host controller In Silicon
SATA2 controller Ready
TFT LCD controller In Silicon
Intellectual DMA controller In Silicon
Resistive Touch Screen controller In Silicon
USB Device 2.0 Low Speed/Full Speed controller In Design
USB Host  2.0 Low Speed/Full Speed controller In Design
ONFI compliant flash controller (asynchronous mode) In Design



General - Purpose Input/Output Interface (GPIO) In Silicon
Inter-Integrated Circuit Interface (I2C) In Silicon
Inter-IC Sound Interface (I2S) In Silicon
Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) In Silicon
Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter Interface (USART) In Silicon
ITU 656 Video Interface In Silicon
PCI 2.1-3.0 interface Ready


Memory controllers

Compact Flash/IDE controller In Silicon
SDRAM, ASRAM, NOR Flash controller In Silicon
NAND Flash controller In Silicon


Peripheral IP

Watchdog timer In Silicon
Timers In Silicon
Real Time Clock In Silicon
JTAG Module In Silicon
Pulse Width Modulator In Silicon

Analog IP

DTMF synthesizer In Silicon