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03.2017 A new 2017 Year TSMC Cybershuttle shedule published.

04.2016 A new 2016 Year TSMC Cybershuttle shedule published.

10.2015 Рublished an article in "Microelectronics" journal.

10.2015 Our company has changed legal and postal address.

09.2015 New 2016 Year regular TSMC Cybershuttle shedule published. In case the changes in the schedule, list will be updated. For details on dates and deadlines please contact us!

06.2015 Design Center KM211 together with the TECHNOUNITY Zelenograd innovation cluster took part in the Semicon Russia 2015 exhibition.

04.2015            2-Apr-2015: Design Center KM211 celebrates a 5 years since the foundation of company!!!








03.2015 Design Center KM211 become a SD Assotiation member 

Membership in the SD Association will enhance a quality of the designed IP blocks and will increase the competence in perspective areas of SmartSD, Advanced Security SD, NFC technology and SWP applications. 



12.2014 Design Center KM211 congratulates Customers and Partners with a Happy New Year! Inspite of all the temporary difficulties, we wish the next year to be productive and meet all our expectations! Friends and colleagues, have a good health and success in all your businesses !!!


12.2014 KMx32 SDK renewed. To obtain SDK please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


12.2014 Android KitKat ported to the KVARC microprocessor architecture and will be offered to customers as part of System-on-Chip solutions


10.2014 Embedded OS successfully ported to the SIM cards. SIM card handed over first Russian customers.


09.2014 New 2015 Year TSMC Cybershuttle shedule published. In case the changes in the schedule, list will be updated. For details on dates and deadlines please contact us!


09.2014 KM211 design House deliver to the customer SoC based on your own processor architecture and manufactured by TSMC 180 nm process.


09.2014 KM211 company participated in the SEMICON Taiwan exhibition in a Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

07.2014 Moscow, Russia: KM211 Company participated in TSMC Technology Symposium


06.2014 KM211 company participated in a Amsterdam, Netherlands


06.2014 Completed the development of Floating Point Unit IP core conforming to IEEE 754-2008 standard.
This unit has been successfully tested and will be offered to our customers


03.2014 New performance values ​​for KMX32 cores achieved

Design Center KM211 got a new result for the combination of KMX32 CPU cores optimized for the C language code and GCC 4.6.0 compiler:


  • 2.3 Coremark/MHz
  • 2.5 DMIPS/MHz

Reference: similar values ​​for comparable ARM processors can be viewed here .


  • 01.2014 Design Center KM211 together with "Minerva" company develops a H.265 codec including low-latency signal processing mode (Low Latency Profile)
    Modern video compression HEVC/H.265 standard (High Efficiency Video Coding) provide approximately twice higher compression level of digital video data while maintaining the quality of video as compared to the prior standard AVC (H.264). The efficiency is achieved through the use of new complex algorithms of spatial and temporal prediction , new principles of adaptive macroblock partition prediction , discrete cosine Fourier transform and the entropy encoder. This adaptability allows us to achieve exceptionally high quality predictions and , consequently, high compression efficiency . The undoubted advantages of HEVC video compression algorithm  is that already in the development of algorithms they laid the rich possibilities for parallelization, which are provided in almost all stages of encoding and decoding video. Computational complexity HEVC currently prevents the introduction of this standard in digital video systems, since it requires multi server stations to encode high-definition video in real time. Obviously, for a wide range HEVC encoding standard required ASIC/ ASP which is composed of specialized accelerators focused on this standard. Currently, Design Center KM211 together with Minerva company developing mathematical bit-accurate model adapted for implementation in RTL.
  •  Minerva Ltd: Company start-up . Develops IP-Core and video compression, video processing  equipment.
  • 01.2014 KM211 Appointed as TSMC Value Chain Aggregator for Russia
  • KM211 provides comprehensive access to TSMC technologies for the design and volume production of ASIC products 
  • Zelenograd , Russia –January 17th, 2014 : KM211 has been authorized by TSMC as a Value Chain Aggregator (VCA) in Russia. Building on their design and logistics expertise in Russia, KM211 now also offers full mask tape out and wafer volume production at TSMC to Russian fabless semiconductor companies, system and design houses. Customers in the region will gain enhanced technical support and access to TSMC foundry services through the new collaborative agreement with KM211, enabling high-volume ASIC fabrication. 
  •  The offering includes access to TSMC technology information, such as transistor models, standard cell libraries, memory compilers and IP blocks, among other components supporting ASIC design. For prototyping of the designed ASICs, customers can use the TSMC Cybershuttle service through KM211. This also includes Customer-Owned Tooling (COT) services, TSMC wafer supply, access to TSMC technology, library licenses, design support, GDSII submission, and preparation for production. In addition, KM211 has a local Russian support team to offer step-by-step guidance to help customers bring their ASIC products to market. 
  •  With its proprietary MCU and MPU cores, peripheral , crypto and video HW acceleration IP blocks, KM211 is capable of providing fast, power-efficient and yet inexpensive solutions to its clients. With 20+ years experience In ASIC design KM211 engineers provide exclusive solutions on the system level, power consumption optimization, crypto-algorithms and floating point calculations. KM211 has extensive experience in qualification, packaging, test, and failure and yield analysis to further facilitate the process of bringing qualified ASIC solutions to the market.
  •  "Building on KM211's track record, TSMC is pleased to welcome KM211 to the VCA program in Russia where KM211 leverages its value-added services, local presence and design expertise to serve emerging and system companies,” said Maria Marced, President of TSMC Europe BV. “We look forward to extending the reach of the TSMC VCA service with KM211 for Russian customers." TSMC’s VCA program was developed to integrate design enablement building blocks within TSMC’s Open Innovation Platform® (OIP) and provide specific services at each link in the IC value chain, including IP development, design backend, wafer manufacturing, assembly and testing. 
  •  About KM211 Design center KM211 is one of the leading IC design teams in Russia and is part of an international group of companies KM Core ( While developing its own proprietary IP cores, KM211 dedicated most of its efforts on providing quality design services for its clients in Russia and across the world. KM211 is located in Moscow, Zelenograd (often referred as the Russian “Silicon Valley”) сlose to its major customers in the heart of Russian microelectronics activities. Further information on KM211 can be found at
  • 08.2013 SDK for KROLIK KMX32 core with reduced documentation available for download by a request This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
  • 08.2013 FPGA developer board with KMX32 core is ready for order at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Developer set uncludes a debug interface.
  • 07.2013 New KROLIK achitecture designed (see breef KMX32). 15% code dencity enhanced. Core performance - 2.1 DMIPS/MHz; 2.1 Coremark/MHz; Instruction set modified.
  • 07.2013 Executable and Linkable Format(ELF) now supports КМX8/KMX16/KMX32/KM32/KVARC architerctures:
  • 07.2013 Our SDK updated to a Eclipse 3.7 Indigo.
  • 07.2013 KROLIK family KM32 core and come IP blocks is SILICON PROVED at TSMC 90nm e-FLASH technology.
  • 03.2013 KROLIK family next generation core under KMX32 codename design finished. This core developed in close liaison between RTL code developers and SDK guys. It due to 2 main parameter gross: code dencity and core performance.
  • 09.2012 KROLIK is SILICON PROVEN! - KROLIK family KM32 core was made at МИКРОН 180nm technology and successfully verfied
  • 08.2012 At popular russian site  CHIPTALK.RU placed article about KM211 Design House.
  • 06.2012 KM32 core C-compiler, developed internally in KM211, has been successfully tested and verified with "SuperTest compiler test and validation suite" from ACE, dedicated compiler correctness set of tests.
  • 04.2012 1-Wire controller IP block designed
  • 03.2012 Sources of a Toolchain for KVARC renewed
  • 02.2012 SATA 2.0 controller IP block designed
  • 01.2012 First SoC KVARC based chip in production.
  • 01.2012 Design Center KM211 is a resident of Special Economic Zone
  • 01.2012 Microprocessor family KROLIK brief renewed
  • 06.2010 SEMICON Russia 2010 conference participation
  • 05.2010 NDA with JSC MIKRON signed
  • 03.2010 "Designing with ARM" seminar attended